You have just graduated from your Utah online real estate school and received your Utah real estate license, and everyone tells you to build a network of contacts.  What is a network and how does one go about building a network?  Building a network is more than just passing out business cards.  It requires thought and analysis to build the right contacts.  Here are some ideas!

  1. Focus on the Right People

You want to build a real estate agent network with people of diverse backgrounds, skills and experience.  The people with whom you build relationships must be the right people who will introduce you to more contacts and make a difference in your career.  Seek contacts with people who are also building their business based on referrals like jewelers, mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, attorneys, insurance providers, etc.

  1. Be an Information Broker

A relationship must be a win/win for both sides.  Besides seeking new contacts from members of your network, you must be proactive in providing them information to help them in their business as well by providing them a diversity in contacts.  Remember diversity of contacts provides a source of new ideas and new ways to promote your business.

  1. Give Before You Receive

Actively build your network by introducing your Utah network contacts to other people that they can add to their network.  By being proactive in brokering new contacts for your network, they will be much more willing to introduce you to their contacts.  You never know when someone in this expanding network will need to use your services or will refer you to their contacts and friends who want to use your real estate ability.

  1. Diagnose Your Network

Rather than a random approach to building contacts, diagnose your network group to cultivate relationships with contacts who are information brokers.  Make a chart putting your contacts down the left-hand column.  In the right-hand column, put the name of the person who introduced them to you.  If you find that you introduced yourself to your contacts more than 65% of the time, your network may be too inbred and only involve personal contacts.

On the other hand, if you have been introduced to your contact by a third party, that third party might be someone you can develop more of a relationship with and mutually share contacts that will enhance both of your networks.

  1. Remember to Reconnect

A network is healthy only if is current and responsive.  Remember to keep building the relationship with people in your network.  Organize group get togethers for lunch or other ways to be able to talk.  Your network contacts need to be thinking of you when they run into people who may use your services.

Building a Utah real estate agent network takes thought, planning and implementation.  Be the one who keeps the network group vital for all parties.  Make it a win-win situation so everyone is eager to get together.

  1. Use Social Media to Network

Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with people who might provide a diversity to your contacts and who you can build a relationshipwith.  Make the contact and build a relationship.  Introduce them to your contacts and encourage them to introduce you to their friends and contacts.  Let them know casually that you work for a real estate brokerage.

This is not a hard sell. You are just building contacts and friendships with people who know you are also a real estate agent.  The more contacts, the more opportunity for business referrals.

These are just a few ideas on how to start and build a network.  You will come up with your own ideas and plans as you see your network build.  It will not build by itself.  You will have to exert yourself even if it is uncomfortable to start being a broker of contacts and a provider of information. Be genuine with others and show them you are interested in helping them grow.  Give to others, and you will be surprised how quickly they reciprocate!