Utah Real Estate Education Waiver Registration and Reciprocity

If you have a real estate license in another state, you might be able to waive some of the education requirements to get your Utah Real Estate License.  If you are a sales agent in another state, you can waive requirements to get your Utah Sales Agent License, or if you are a Broker in another state, you can waive education requirements to get your Utah Broker License.

1. Contact the Division of Real Estate

To inquire about getting a waiver of licensing requirements, contact the Division of Real Estate:

Utah Division of Real Estate
Heber M. Wells Building
P.O. Box 146711
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6711
Phone: 801.530.6747
Fax: 801.530.6749


From the Division of Real Estate Website, you can find the waiver requirements at the bottom of the Agent Requirements page.

Under some conditions Utah will waive some or all of the licensing education requirement.

If you have formal education that you believe is similar to the Utah Licensing Education requirements such as real estate university courses or a law degree you should contact the Utah Division of Real Estate to discuss an education waiver.

Note: If you are a Utah Resident but hold a license in another state you would benefit from following the directions below for non-residents who have a license. The State of Utah may waive some of your education requirements. Utah requires the student to obtain any waiver of education requirements before they register for classes.

If  you are licensed in another state you must contact the Utah Division of Real Estate to provide a copy of your license history and request a “Waiver of Education” based on the education you have already experienced in connection with your real estate license.

Utah requires that schools not enroll non-resident agents before the student provides a copy of the “Education Waiver” issued by the State of Utah to the school to guide registration for the classes not waived. This is to protect students from registering for education that they do not need.

Students who have a Utah Waiver should email or fax the waiver to us. The waiver becomes your completion certificate, after we sign and stamp it.

2. Register for Courses with an Education Waiver

If you have received a Candidate Education Certifying Document (education waiver) from the Utah Division of Real Estate, and you are ready to enroll for courses, you can get started immediately.

Enroll with a Waiver

3. Complete your Enrollment

After you complete all of your required courses, we will sign and stamp your Candidate Education Certifying Document (Education Waiver) and email it to you.  You are required to take your signed and stamped waiver with you to take the license exam.

4. Pass the License Exam and Apply for your License

You can schedule your exam at a PearsonVUE Test Center near you.  You will need your course completion date to schedule your license exam:

Schedule Your License Exam

NOTE: If your waiver has checked the examination required “State Only”, then you have additional instructions to schedule your exam.  You will need to send your General Exam Waiver to PearsonVUE before scheduling your exam.  Follow the instructions provided by the Division of Real Estate to schedule.

Finally, apply for your license on the Division of Real Estate Website:

Apply for you Utah Real Estate License