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Real Estate Broker License Course


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Over 30 Comprehensive Practice exams

Pass Rates up to 30% higher than other top schools
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Real Estate Broker License Course


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Why choose the Institute of Real Estate Education?

  • Pass rates up to 30% higher. No school beats our pass rates. Period. If they advertise 90%, ask them how many times you have to take the test to get that rating. Our first time pass rates are second to none, and range as high as 30% higher than other leading schools. We have the stats to back that up.

  • Money Back Guarantee. If you need to change your plans, no worries! Just let us know within 15 days of enrollment, and we can accommodate you. Other terms may apply.

  • Price Match Guarantee. If you find a course that offers the same benefits as ours, and it is listed at a lower price, we will match the listed price.

  • Test Pass Guarantee. If you complete the course within 3 months, and complete all of our practice exams, and still don’t pass the exam on the first try, we’ll credit you the cost the next time you take the state license exam. You can review the classes and the practice exams as many times as you wish. One credit max per student.

  • Course Completion Guarantee. We get it, life happens.  Sometimes a year goes by, and you have not been able to complete the course that you signed up for.  We understand, we are committed to helping you all the way to licensed.  If you are not able to complete the course in your first year, we will never charge you full price to take it again.  Contact us for options.  You can even keep all of your progress!

  • Comprehensive Practice Exams. 34 practice exams with over 2000 questions, curated and customized to cover content that we believe will be tested. Want to know if you are ready for the state license exam? We can tell you, right here, right now.

  • Reverse Classroom. We all know the traditional classroom is only effective in specific circumstances. There is a better way. It is called the Reverse Classroom. Why sit in a live lecture, if you have to do your homework at home, by yourself? Wouldn’t it be better to get the lecture on your own time, following your own schedule? Then when you do you homework, that’s when you need the instructor. We are sensitive to your timeline, so our instructors are available for your call daily, and by email on weekends. Flip standard education on it’s head and make it work for you, by taking advantage of our Reverse Classroom.

I am in the business of creating courses online, and this course is the best I have ever seen.

Jared H.

I have been in real estate for many years. Your course is the best I have ever taken. I experienced no frustration. I will recommend you to everyone I talk to.

Eva F.

I loved your course. I especially appreciated the audio so that I could listen to the course, it made it so much better for me. I enjoyed the learning exercises as well, I felt that they were very beneficial.

Richard G.

I think you have done a great job with your online training.

Craig C.

I have completed multiple online courses throughout my real estate career and I must say this was the most thought out program. I will be using you for CE.

Chad C.

I just recently completed two different CE courses with you; Thank you; you’re classes are very informative.

Brian P.

This course was head and shoulders above any of the others I have taken, [the other big real estate schools in Utah] in particular. I have nothing but praise and would highly recommend the course to anyone who asked.

Joseph S.

I passed the test! Your course was great. Your practice exams really prepared me to pass the exam.

Marcos D.

Thank you for this class. It has been the best class I have taken so far in several states.

Brenda A.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your program. I signed up for your program on January 5th and yesterday I passed my test. After the test I pondered on the things that I had learned. I feel like it really prepared me for the test. I would highly recommend your program to anyone.


All of our students enjoy these benefits:

  • Courses focused on content. Our instructors design each class for better comprehension. Our instructors are engaging, and stay on topic.

  • Regular reviews – know immediately what you need to study. We test your knowledge throughout the course, so that you are never left wondering if you are retaining all the information.

  • Real world situations and transactions presented in each class. Our instructors all have experience in the classes they are teaching. Learn from their experience!

  • Learn at your own pace. With online classes, you can work around your own schedule. You can take 15 minutes today, or 2 hours tomorrow, until you finish the course.

  • Complete the course in as little as 15 days. If time is of the essence, study up to 8 hours a day, and complete the course in as little as 15 days.  You will never find a more efficient way to complete your studies.

  • Speak with an instructor. Our course is online, but instructors are available in person, by phone, or by email. We make ourselves available to answer your questions!

  • Pass the state license exam! Most students pass on the first try, but if you don’t pass, don’t get discouraged! We will work with you until you pass. Our goal is 100% successful agents!

  • Original content. Every class is designed with learning in mind. All of our classes were designed and developed using our own experience, and the best references on law and practice. We bring it all to you. Learn with confidence that your instructors understand the material, and have experience using it in the real market.

  • No hidden costs. The cost of tuition includes everything you need to get your education certificate. We will never surprise you with hidden costs or fees. Enroll with confidence.

  • 1 year full access to the course. You can access the course for 1 full year from enrollment, but we strongly recommend that you complete the course within 2-3 months or less, and take the state license exam promptly. Students who complete the course in this time frame are more prepared to pass the state exam.

  • Connect with brokers. We partner with brokers all over Utah that have great training programs for new agents.  We recommend that you interview 3-4 different brokers before you decide where to hang your license. Get an understanding for how they work so you can find the office that is the right fit for you.

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