5 Hour Utah MLO Online Course


Coming Soon!

The 5 hour Utah MLO Post License course includes everything a first year Mortgage Loan Officer needs to renew their license, featuring Karen Barnhill.

All first time MLOs or relicensed MLOs are required to take the 5-Hour Utah MLO CE Course by October 21, 2022.

Deadline for MLO CE Credit: October 21, 2022
Renewal Period starts: November 1, 2022

*MLOs can still take the 5-Hour course after October 21, but it may delay their renewal.

NMLS Approval: 11631

 Karen started as a high school business teacher, then taught at Cape Fear Technical College, NC, UVU in Orem, then started her own mortgage business in 1994.
She started her mortgage training school in 1994, as well, and has been an instructor for processors and loan originators, pre-license, continuing education, and provide live tutoring for mortgage professionals.
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