To become a licensed Broker an individual must:

  1. Meet the statutory Utah real estate broker licensing requirements and qualifications of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, reputation, and competency. (Utah Code Annotated 61-2-6)
    Note: According to Administrative Rules R162-2-2.9 and 2.10, an applicant does NOT qualify for a real estate license if he or she has any felony in the last five years (starting from the time of conviction/plea or completion of any jail/prison sentence) OR if the applicant has any misdemeanor involving fraud, misrepresentation, theft, or dishonesty within the last three years.
  • Have at least three years of real estate experience.
  • Accumulate a total of at least 60 points within the five years proceeding application.
  • Take 120 hours of approved education at a certified Real Estate Pre-License School, consisting of:
    • 60 hours Advanced Real Estate Principles
    • 60 Hours Advanced Real Estate Practices
    • 30 hours Advanced Utah License Law
  • Take and pass the Utah real estate licensing broker exam. ($66 paid to PearsonVUE Test Center.  See Scheduling License Exams)
  • Submit to the Division:
    • Completed and signed application (issued at the testing center).
    • Signed original school certificates (issued by the real estate school) or Education Waiver (issued by the Division).
    • Signed and Notarized Broker Experience Documentation Form showing at least three years of qualifying experience.
    • Completed and signed Broker Transaction Log or Broker Property Management Log showing at least 60 experience points within the five years proceeding application.  (Half of those transactions need to be for Utah based properties, and transactions done by teams will have experience divided between team members)
    • Signed and notarized Broker Verification Form completed by each Broker with whom the applicant has affiliated during the five years proceeding application.
      Note: Forms must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the broker’s signature across the seal.
    • For Principal and Branch Brokers, a notarized letter on the company’s letterhead, signed by a company Officer, Manager/Member or Owner, authorizing the Broker to use the company name.
    • Two fingerprint cards (Blue FD-258) or receipt of digital fingerprints submission.
    • $158 total non-refundable fee ($100 application fee, $18 recovery fund fee and $40 fingerprint processing fee).
    • Certification of Legal Presence Form completed.

Note: Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

Click here to see these real estate broker requirements on the Utah Division of Real Estate website.

Experience Tables:

Table 1 – Real Estate Sales Transactions
RESIDENTIAL – points can be accumulated from either the selling or the listing side of a real estate closing:
 One unit dwelling 2.5 points
 Two- to four-unit dwellings 5 points
Apartments, 5 units or over 10 points
Improved lot 2 points
Vacant land/subdivision 10 points
 Hotel or motel 10 points
Industrial or warehouse 10 points
Office building 10 points
Retail building 10 points
Table 2 – Leasing Transactions and Property Management
Each property management agreement 1 point per unit up to 5 points
Each unit leased 1.25 points per unit
*All other property management 0.25 pt/month
COMMERCIAL – hotel/motel, industrial/warehouse, office, or retail building
Each property management agreement 1 point per unit up to 5 points
Each unit leased 1.25 points per unit
*All other property management 1 pt/month
*When calculating experience points from Table 2, the total combined monthly experience credit claimed for “All other property management” combined, both residential and commercial, may not exceed 25 points in any application to practice as a real estate broker.
Table 3 – Optional Experience Table
Real Estate Attorney 1 pt/month
CPA-Certified Public Accountant  1 pt/month
Mortgage Loan Officer  1 pt/month
Licensed Escrow Officer  1 pt/month
Licensed Title Agent  1 pt/month
Designated Appraiser  1 pt/month
Licensed General Contractor  1 pt/month
Bank Officer in Real Estate Loans  1 pt/month
Certified Real Estate Prelicensing Instructor  0.5 pt/month