Maintaining a successful career as a Utah real estate agent takes years of hard work. But there are a few habits you can practice early on that will help develop a strong foundation for your future career. As one of the area’s leading real estate schools, the team at the Institute of Real Estate Education has helped hundreds of students embark upon successful careers.

To help you get a good start in the industry, we’ve collected some tips for you on how to become a real estate agent in Utah.

 Select a Broker

One of the first things you need to do to become a real estate agent in Utah after obtaining your real estate license is to join a supervising brokerage. To be able to legally work in Utah you must belong to a broker that’s been licensed by the state. This is to ensure that all real estate transactions are conducted according to the proper legal and ethical standards.

Get Organized

Staying organized is a must throughout your first years as a new real estate broker. This is because the more organized you are, the better you can keep track of leads and turn those into successful sales. This includes keeping an up-to-date calendar, being proactive on social media and connecting with potential clients, as well as responding to emails in a timely manner.

Generate Leads

When we’re asked how to become a real estate agent in Utah, one of the first things we stress is generating leads. You can do this by speaking to other agents and clients face-to-face, then following up with them at a later date. Maintaining a professional website is also another great method, as you can track those who visit and follow up with them.

Turn Leads into Clients

You can turn leads into clients by getting in touch with them personally about any real estate transactions or services you offer. Perhaps they’re looking to sell their home or are in search of a new property, going the extra step is all it takes to turn leads into customers. Online, drive them to reconnect with you via email or targeted marketing campaigns.

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