You may be wondering what the advantages are when choosing online real estate education courses rather than choosing to enroll in live classes.  Below are a few of the most compelling reasons why you should choose to work for your real estate education online.

  • CONVENIENCE – Trying to fit classes in around your current job and family schedule can be hectic and stressful.  You can’t beat the convenience of online learning and education.  With online real estate education you can take classes whenever you need to. Many of our courses are divided into 20-minute segments, allowing you to take brakes as required.
  • CONTENT – Live instructors are great, there is no doubt about that.  But have you ever been in a class where the instructor was unable to complete the material during the class period?  When can you get the material that you missed, during your next class?  That will just eat into the next lesson, and put you even further behind.  With our online real estate education courses, you never need to worry about the instructor missing content.  You will always get the complete lesson, and never miss a beat.
  • REVIEW – What if you didn’t feel like you captured all the important information the first time?  Another advantage to online real estate education is that you can review any course, anytime.  Need to hear that lecture again?  Simply go back and watch it again.  As many times as you’d like!
  • RETENTION – At the end of each segment, there are retention exercises.  Another advantage of our web based real estate classes is the end of section reviews where we not only reinforce the important material, but we explain it again in abbreviated, easy to understand language, which helps you retain the important information.
  • SIMULATION – We include final exams that emulate the test that the state requires of license applicants.  Our classes are very similar to what you will see on the state exams and greatly increase your chances of passing them.  And remember, you can review our exams at any time, to help you better prepare yourself.
  • DELIVERY – You can enjoy your real estate education online from virtually any device.  You can view courses on your home PC, laptop, tablet device, iPad, android phone, and iPhone.  Virtually any device with internet access!  Additionally, you can effortlessly switch between devices.  Your progress will always be saved, allowing you to move between your laptop and iPad without missing anything.  A third party app may be required for the best user experience.
  • SPEED – You are no longer at the mercy of the semester.  You can begin your real estate education online, and finish as fast as you want!  The state of Utah allows you to take up to 8 hours of classes a day, allowing you to complete your 120 hour online real estate education courses in as little as 15 days.  Or, if you need to work around other important parts of your life, you can take your time.  You have up to a year from enrollment to complete our courses.  You are in control!
  • SUCCESS – Completing your real estate education online is something that you achieve.  You can earn your real estate license and begin your new career on your own terms.  This is something that you can do, and we provide the tools that you will need to get your Utah real estate sales agent license, or your Utah real estate broker license.

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By Dan Naylor