The courses are presented in HTML5 video and Flash, depending on your browser.  They are designed to display property on all default browsers on phones and tablets, such as Chrome and Safari.  We recommend using a Wi-Fi link for best results.

If you are not getting audio on an iPhone:

  1. Try disabling MUTE. Sometimes the mute on the phone will allow some sounds through but mute others.
  2. If the class is not playing audio, try clicking PAUSE on the right side of the class player, then click resume, and see if that starts the audio.

If you have trouble viewing the course on your device, try using a flash browser.  Additional charges for flash compatible apps ($5-$10) and data costs may apply.

  • iPad™ and iPhone users can install a flash browser such as the Photon Flash Player.
  • Android phone and tablet users can install flash browser such as the Photon Flash Player.
  • Kindle Fire can view the course in the native browser, but may need to navigate manually through the course.

Students have also reported success using the Dolphin and Puffin browsers.  After you install the new browser app, browse to in the app, login to your course as usual, and play the classes.  You may need to enable Flash viewing within the browser.