The National Association of Realtors® is the largest association for real estate agents.  They provide many services such as:

  • Access to property databases and multiple listing services
  • Continuing education opportunities to help develop your career and meet licensing requirements
  • Designations and Certifications to fill out your resume and better serve clients
  • Legal advice for real estate agents
  • Lobbying to protect the real estate industry

As a Real Estate Sales Agent, your broker will likely already be a member of the local board, and will help you join as well.  You can find more information about the local boards and the benefits they offer:

Costs and Dues

Association Dues vary, but there is often an entry fee of $200-$400 and yearly dues from $600-$900.

Multiple Listing Services often have their own fees in addition to the association fee, such as $200-$300 entry fee and $30-$40 monthly fees.

Lookup your local board to find what the fees are in your area.