The Institute of Real Estate Education and its instructors are dedicated to providing the best real estate education to as many new agents as we can.

When our school opened in 1999, we had an ambitious goal: to offer the highest quality real estate courses, at a fair price. We knew that there were a lot of costs involved, but we believed that new real estate agents needed an opportunity to get started with the education that they needed. For 10 years we went through many variations on the courses, always focusing on improving the learning and retention for our students.

When we started investigating online education, we were surprised to learn that with a quality online course, students actually performed better than with live classes. We were floored! Since our student’s success is our primary goal, we spent the next few years developing our high quality online courses, and when they launched we were not disappointed. Ever since our online courses for real estate have launched, our online students have consistently beat the state average on the licensing exam. We couldn’t be more proud of our students.

How much should a quality education cost? We’ve struggled with this question, because even with the immense time and effort that have been spent developing our education, we don’t believe that we should price students out of the market. We all know that a high price doesn’t always mean a quality product. Ultimately our goal is quality, and part of quality is a fair price.

We don’t just stop there. We have been building relationships with brokers all across Utah so that we can be confident our students will be able to start their new careers with companies that we trust. Building on the foundation of their licensing education, we look for brokers that provide great training opportunities and real guidance, so that new agents can build their business from day one.

At the end of the day, if a student feels that they can recommend our school to others that want to join this growing industry, then we are satisfied. We will continue to improve and develop our courses to give our students a reason to come back. This is what our school is built on. This is our foundation.