So you’ve finally obtained your real estate license and are ready to hit the ground running? It’s OK to be excited, but don’t forget that you’ll also have to do some legwork at the very beginning. This is where your networking skills will come into play, helping you build your clientele and break into the local marketplace.

Why Network?

 As one of Utah’s leading real estate schools, the teachers at the Institute of Real Estate Education have driven it into our students’ heads time and time again: networking is a must for new real estate agents. This is because the real estate industry is still a hands-on business and networking helps you make a memorable impression.

Networking Opportunities

 When it comes to capitalizing on networking opportunities, it’s helpful to have some tips so you can make the best possible impression on potential clients and colleagues. Here are a few networking opportunities to take advantage of:

  • Business Networking Groups: Joining the local chamber of commerce or another business organization is a great way for Utah real estate newbies to make the connections that will lead to a successful career. You’ll meet people who can provide invaluable insight into the local housing market.
  • Committees in Local Organizations: Many successful real estate agents got their start after attending Utah real estate school by sitting on committees or boards of local organizations. Doing so can connect you with the local community and help you begin building a client base.
  • Involvement in Local Events: The more people see your face the better, so get out there and shake some hands. Setting up a booth or handing out key chains at local events can create a buzz about your brokerage.

Tips for Small Talk

 Networking is all about being comfortable talking to as many people as possible, so don’t forget to work on some ice-breaking techniques at business events. Even something as simple as “hello” can go a long way. Ask positive questions, like what drew them to their current career, or what do they enjoy most about their job. Talking to the wallflowers at events is another good strategy because they’re often the ones who organized the entire thing.

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