A fruitful real estate career begins with knowing how to acquire your Utah real estate license. The process is easily understandable and can be broken down into several simple steps. On the other hand, a few things are different depending on the state you want to practice real estate.

Each state controls its real estate licensing procedures, and they all have slightly different requirements. However, there are several basic requirements that are consistent. Here is how to get your Utah real estate license;

Meet all the pre-licensing requirements

Every state typically has specific requirements for;

  • Age
  • Application fees
  • Education requirements
  • Exam qualifications
  • Pre-licensing courses
  • Fingerprint & background check
  • Criminal history, if any.

Here’s what to check before applying for your Utah real estate license;

You must be at least 18 years and have completed high school. You should also not have a criminal record within the last five years, or an offense involving dishonesty, misrepresentation, theft, or fraud within the previous three years, from the time of plea or completion of any prison sentence.

Complete your education hours

After checking if you fit the bill, the next step is to finish the necessary pre-licensing class hours. This can be done in a classroom with other students or in an online class, depending on your schedule. To get your real estate license in Utah, you are required to complete 120 pre-licensing education hours.

Make sure you take your lessons from an accredited real estate licensing institution before sitting for your exam. The better the instructors and quality of materials, the higher your chances of passing your real estate licensing exam.

Apply for your Utah real estate license exam

Timing is vital for this step. Ensure you follow up the application process with the state, so you can sit for the exam as soon as you’re done with your classes. Pearson VUE regulates the Utah real estate licensing exams. The test includes two parts, encompassing national and state requirements.

Pass the Utah real estate licensing exam

Passing the Utah real estate licensing exam requires more than just completing your education hours; you need to prepare appropriately. Make sure you study when you get back home, or you can also consider enrolling in an exam prep class. Taking these practice exams gauges your strength and weak areas and works through ample reviews to sharpen your knowledge and prepare you adequately for the exam.

Complete application

After passing your real estate licensing exam, you must fill an online application form for your Utah real estate license within three months. Here are the documents you’re required to submit;

  1. Complete & signed application form typically given at the testing center
  2. Original school certificates or an education waiver
  3. Qualifying questionnaire with signed responses and supporting documents to all YES answers
  4. Fingerprint cards (2) or electronic fingerprint compliance receipt as well as a signed Fingerprint waiver.
  5. Pay the necessary charges.

Get employed

As a beginner in the real estate industry, you usually work under a supervisor broker, certified by Utah, to supervise real estate dealings to ensure that you follow the necessary ethical and legal standards. Generally, you will not get an hourly salary; instead, your employer will most likely give you a commission of the earnings he receives from your dealings.

Depending on your employment contract, you may be deducted for tech or desk fees, marketing materials, business cards, or other every-day expenses you incur while doing business. What’s more, you will have more one-time or continuing costs, like renewing your Utah real estate license annually, and numerous-listing membership services, and much more!

Expenses can go up to $1000 annually very fast; therefore, it’s essential to include them in your budget before deciding if this career is good for you.

Getting your license will consume your time and funds, though it helps if you get an excellent job. However, your job as a real estate agent can be extremely flexible. You can work according to your schedule, maybe a few hours every morning, or a few days every week. The downside with this is that it will significantly restrict a capacity to thrive as an agent.


Becoming a Utah real estate sales agent is quite the process, but once you’re done, you have the freedom to succeed in this industry. While working part-time might be tempting, most successful agents prefer to take it as a full-time career, making time for potential customers and actual clients the whole week.

Therefore, you should invest more time in your career to be successful financially and be content with your job.

For better flexibility and success, you could decide to look for a realtor license eventually. Besides your real estate certificate, it would be best to consider several real estate certifications, such as those of mortgages, property management, commercial & residential property, and appraisals. These certifications will boost your career as a Utah real estate agent, and they will promote your earnings in the long run.