Ask the right questions.

A question we often hear from candidates for the sales agent pre-license course, is “What is your Pass Rate?” and even though our students perform 10 percent higher than the state on average, there are more important questions that candidates should be asking.

Instead of asking about Pass Rates, a more valuable question is “What is your school going to do to help me succeed?”  And then get specific answers to how the classes are taught, what study materials are included with the class? Textbooks? PDF or Printed, or both? Reviews?  Audiobooks? Practice exams?  How many, and how comprehensive?  Who is going to answer your questions?  How quickly will they respond?  Can you do the classes your way, or are you restricted based on their teaching schedule?

With the right tools, you will be able to complete the course, pass the exam, and begin your career in real estate.

What are the pass rates at the Institute?

We track pass rates every month, and try to improve our course to help our students perform well. We have the best pass rate in the state, averaging 82% of our students passing the exam on the first try over the last year.