Dan Naylor

Congratulations! You made it through 2 years working in real estate!  Whether you are doing it part time, or whether you are an experienced agent with many transactions under your belt, you know time is flying when you get that renewal notice from the Utah Division of Real Estate.

The Division sends out an automatic renewal notice about 45 days before you need to renew.  Here’s an example of a renewal letter that they sent me. (Click for a PDF)

Renewal Letter

What is required to renew my real estate license?

In Utah you need 18 total hours of continuing education (CE) in order to renew.  You need at least 9 of those hours to be CORE continuing education classes.  The Division has a specific list of topics that are approved for CORE credit which you can find on their website in the Administrative Rules under R162-2f-206c.

You also need to take the 3 hour Mandatory Course.  There are 3 versions of the Mandatory course:

And finally, if you obtained your license for the first time within the last 2 years, and this is your first renewal as a real estate licensee, you also need to take the 12 Hour New Agent Course.

How do I know what credit I get for a CE course?

Each real estate continuing education course should list whether it includes CORE credit.  If you don’t see the word CORE, then the class is only available for elective credit. The Mandatory Courses have to be named exactly the same, so they are easier to identify.

Another way to double check the credit of a course is to look at the approval code.  Class approvals usually follow this pattern: CCYYMMNN

CC = The approval type:

  • R = Regular, elective continuing education course
  • RC = CORE continuing education course
  • RA = 12 Hour New Agent Course
  • MR = Mandatory Course

YY = The year of the course approval

MM = The month of the course approval

NN = The number assigned to each course approved during that month

For example, RC190733 would be a CORE CE course, approved in 2019 in July, assigned the number 33.

How do I know if I have completed the required CE credits?

The letter that the Division of Real Estate sends out will give you a total number of CE credits that you have already completed.  You can also login to RELMS, the Division of Real Estate run Real Estate License Management System and see what credits you have completed.

  1. Goto https://realestate.utah.gov
  2. Click the Real Estate tab
  3. Click the link to Login to RELMS
  4. Provide the login information that you created with the Division (or request your password using the appropriate link)

On the RELMS page under License Details, next to License Type you can click the link to View CE Courses Completed.

What is the renewal process?

On the RELMS Manage License page, you can edit your contact information, change your address, print your license, and order a license history.  If you are a broker, you can Manage your Company Roster as well.

To renew your license, login to RELMS and then click the link to Renew License that is found in the License Details next to the date that your License Expires.

On the next page you will need to affirm your current license status, as either active or inactive, and also affirm that your license is affiliated with your broker.  If you find any of this information is incorrect, you may need to separately activate or inactivate your license, or update your broker affiliation before renewing your license.

If you are a Principal Broker, next you will need to affirm that your Trust Accounts are current, that your Business License is current, and that you have the authority to use the Brokerage Name.

After that, you will need to provide your citizenship status, such as a social security number, and your identification, such as a driver’s license.

Next, you will need to answer the certifying questions regarding criminal history, licensee conduct, or any ongoing investigations.  The same questions that you answer when you apply for a license.

Next you will have a chance to review the CE credits that you have completed, that are banked in RELMS, and then certify that you have completed those requirements.

Next you verify your address information.

Finally you sign an affidavit that you are qualified to renew your license.

All that remains is to pay the $66 renewal fee, and you are all set for another 2 years!

This is a great time to get a head start on your continuing education for the next renewal.  Don’t put it off, get it done early, and work worry free!  Hang that license on your wall as a badge of pride for your profession, and for the many people that you have helped to achieve the dream of home ownership. Now that your license is renewed, this is your time to shine!