You don’t need to plan on changing careers to attend a Utah real estate pre-license course. A real estate license can be just as valuable if you’re an investor as well! In fact, it’s relatively common for property investors to get their real estate license. Having one makes their investing easier, and it brings several other substantial benefits as well.

4 Ways Investors Benefit from Attending a Utah Real Estate Pre-License Course

  1. Saving money on transactions

You aren’t wasting money on middlemen if you are that middleman!  Given the large fees that most real estate agentscharge, a real estate license will pay for itself very quickly by allowing you to bypass those fees.

  1. Making extra money on the side

Once you have your real estate license, you’re free to practice as much or as little as you please.  Even if you don’t change careers, you could still handle transactions for your friends or business partners to pick up a little extra spending money.  Or, do a freebie now and then as a favor – it’s a great way to make friends with connections.

  1. Extra networking possibilities

Once you have a real estate license, you’re entitled to attend any industry-specific events, seminars, trade shows, and so forth.  That can open up significant networking potential. When so much of property investment is about discovering opportunities early and striking first, having friends at real estate agencies could be a big help.


  1. Gain access to industry databases

Real estate agents have their own databases of properties, and they get notifications of new properties about to enter the market before that information is made public.  For a lot of investors, this access is what makes a real estate license into a true goldmine.  If you watch the listings, you’ll have direct notification of hot properties before anyone else has a chance to move on them.

To Get Your Utah Real Estate License, Choose the Institute of Real Estate Education

Since 1999, the Institute of Real Estate Education has been focused on providing top-quality real estate training and pre-license courses, at reasonable prices.  Our focus on online learning allows us to keep costs low, while our classes can be fit into anyone’s schedule.

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