So, you have decided to become a Utah real estate agent and are wondering how long it will take and how long you to get everything done? It is good to start your real estate career knowing how long it will take and how much effort it will require so you are committed to making it work for you.

Online Real Estate Pre-License Course

The fastest way to complete the real estate pre-license course in Utah is to pick an online school to attend. You can complete the course faster and still have good access to the professional instructors for the help you need.

An online real-estate pre-license course can usually be completed in three to six months. It all depends on how many hours a day that you want to put into the course. The course is designed to take 120 hours to complete so you can complete it 15 8-hour days if you are really dedicated.

However, most real estate schools in Utah allow a year to complete the course. This provides more time if someone is working full-time and doing the course at night. It also allows some time if family situations disrupt the amount of time you can devote to the course.

However, if you fail to complete the course in a year, you will have to reapply and start over again. The real estate school in Utah may give you an extension of time if you really were experiencing conditions beyond your control that prevented the timely completion of the course.

Why Finish the Real Estate Course Quickly?

There are several reasons for completing your real estate pre-license course quickly. You should program your time so you complete the course within the three-month timeframe because it will save you a lot of time over the long run.

  1. People can only retain information they have learned in their mind for a short period of time. Delaying the completion of the course means that you will have to go back and read some of the same material again in order to refresh your mind.
  2. You want the real estate course material as fresh in you mind as you can when you take the state license examination to become a real estate agent. Completing the course quickly and still have the information retained will give you the best chance of passing your real estate examination on the first try.
  3. Delaying taking the license exam could result in failing the test several times before successfully passing. Think of all the hours you will waste in having to restudying the material to prepare for the examination. You want to do while it is all in your mind.

How Long Do I Have to Complete the Online Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course?

We have already discussed that you will have a year to complete your real estate pre-license course. At the successful completion of your 120 hours of classwork, the school will graduate you and issue you a graduation certificate.

Once you have that certificate in hand, you can apply to the state to take the real estate agent examination. However, you only have a year to take the real estate examination after you receive your graduation certification. There is no reason to procrastinate taking the exam and you will do better if you take it right away.

Failure to take the real estate examination within that one-year period means that you will have to start all over again. The graduation certificate will no longer be accepted.

Summary – Start Your New Career with A Utah Real Estate School

You can quickly achieve a successful career in real estate in a short period of time by starting your real estate pre-license course today. Set goals to graduate your real estate course in 3-months and immediately take your real estate examination. With those goals, you will never bump into the one-year deadlines for finishing the course and taking the examination. Why wait? Do it NOW!