Are you looking learn how to become a real estate agent in Utah? Are you already licensed but struggling to make a real estate career work for you?

Everyone in the real estate business has been through what you are going through. However, there are some proven steps that you can take to become a great real estate agent in Utah. There are tremendous personal and financial rewards from becoming that agent!

Learn How to Communicate

People need to feel that you are listening to them and understanding their needs. Do they feel that they are your most important customer? Work on building that type of relationship with every customer and carry through on it.

I’ve had agents working for me that dropped everything to respond to a question or concern I had. This kind of communication builds a personal bond with each customer.

You might ask why you want or need that kind of relationship? It might be the only time they use you to buy a home. However, they will refer their children, their extended family and all their friends to you. Great Utah real estate agents will have dozens and maybe even hundreds of people working to build their business because they took the time to build that personal relationship.

Building a Good Team

If you want to be a great real estate agent, you need to build a great team around you – a team that will build your success while you help them to be great. A great team could consist of:

  • Other successful Utah real estate agents that can fill in when you are not available. By scratching each other’s backs, both of you can help the other to be better.
  • An office team that can set up the appointments and take care of the paperwork needed in to complete a transaction allowing you to focus on servicing your customers.
  • Bankers who will help you in getting your customers qualified for mortgages.
  • Individuals at title companies who will quickly close transactions while treating your customers with respect and friendliness.

It is a win-win situation for all team members. They are helping you service your customers and you are bringing them business.

Market Yourself and Develop an On-Line Presence

You can’t build a large real estate business unless people know who you are and how they can find you. It is so much more than just taking out a listing and posting it online.

There are many ways to build a presence in your community. Some of these include:

  • Volunteer to host open houses for listings in your brokerage. This is a good way to meet people who are looking for a new house.
  • Build your social media presence and contacts. Post messages about your successes that go out to all your contacts and friends.
  • Send out flyers to homes in neighborhoods you have targeted promoting your interest and abilities to help them

You need to meet the public and let them feel that you are a successful real estate agent, so they think of you when they are looking to either sell or buy a new home.

Stay in Touch

Helping a customer buy or sell a home is not a one-time event. Great real estate agents use email and online tools to stay in touch with all those people with whom they have built a relationship. These emails are not solicitations for more business but just friendly updates from you.

I regularly receive emails from a real estate agent who sold my house eight years ago. Often, it includes pictures of his wife, children and him doing something. These emails are just friendly reminders that he is still out there.

How will this help your real estate business? Who do you think that customer will turn to when they have a need for real estate help? Somebody who they don’t know or that person they have done business with in the past and has taken the time to stay in touch?


You might think that this is going to take a lot of time. Technology can help to make it easier. However, it is essential to build a market presence, build relationships and friendships and stay in touch if you want to be a great real estate agent in Utah. With the right plan, you can provide a homebuying experience that makes your clients cheer you on, and root for your success.