The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been kind on the real estate market. Many sellers have been forced to pull their properties from the market. Interest rates have also hit a record low. Still, now is a good time to join the real estate industry because, as history has shown, the market is never constant. While you cannot predict future events, you can rest assured that a bad market will get better with time.

The real estate industry is broad, with many career options for those fascinated by the housing market or just houses in general. With just a real estate broker license, you can take on a flexible career path facilitating real estate transactions between property owners and buyers in exchange for commissions. Depending on your experience and the size of the deal, you can earn big commissions.

That’s just one example of a career option; other paths you may choose to follow include working as a real estate lawyer, a property manager, or a house inspector.

A career in the real estate field may be good for you if you like the following:

A fast-paced world

The real estate world is ever-changing; no two days are the same.  That’s what makes it fun and satisfying too. If you love working in an on-the-go environment, this is a suitable sector for you. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks because properties and clients are always coming and going. You get to facilitate transactions, negotiate on behalf of your client, market their property and put a smile on their client’s face.

High income

Most real estate jobs are lucrative. For example, once you attain a real estate broker license, you can start your own firm, be your own boss, take as much business as you want, and work flexible schedules. Forget hourly wage limits and corporate-set salary ranges; with a good work ethic and the proper attitude, the growth potential is limitless.

A real estate broker is one of the highest paying and lucrative professions in the real estate industry. On average, experienced brokers take home a six-figure pay. You can only achieve this number once you get a significant amount of good reputation.

Enjoy being an independent contractor.

So, you won’t like working under someone? most of us don’t want to either. The advantage of taking a real estate broker license course or studying real-estate law, property management, etc., is that you can work as an independent contractor. You control your book of business, make decisions, and set suitable schedules. With a firm work ethic and a good attitude, there’s no limit on the growth you can achieve.

Don’t like the 9-5 routine.

Professionals in the real estate industry work flexible schedules. Say goodbye to the boring 9-5 routine. Plenty of time will be spent building relationships –socializing and meeting new people.

For example, a real estate attorney’s qualifications also give you the flexibility to work in different sectors that need your skills, including divorce law, environmental law, mortgage banking world, etc.

Enjoy the property and housing market.

If you enjoy the housing and property market dynamics, dealing with tenants, managing properties, and marketing, you will enjoy a career in the real estate field.

Desire part-time income

A career in the real estate field doesn’t have to be your main job. If you already have a satisfying main job but are looking for jobs to top your income, you can take a part-time job as a house inspector. You don’t need to meet real estate broker requirements to work as a house inspector; you’ll just be in charge of assessing house structures and making recommendations to interested parties.

Why a career in the real estate field may not be suitable for you?

Most real estate brokers find their profession quite satisfying, and they wouldn’t change it for any other. Still, some feel they chose the wrong profession because of the following:

  • It takes much work to achieve success. As an independent contractor, every aspect of the business relies on you.
  • The first check may take time. Meanwhile, you may be starving.
  • You will need to be flexible to your client’s needs. Sometimes that means working on holidays and weekends too.
  • Real estate transactions are nerve-racking, and if a client is not satisfied, they may leave a damaging review.

That said, what career options can you pursue in the real estate field?

The real estate field is wide, with several lucrative career options with a high real estate agent salary. You can work in the field as:

  • A real estate broker: You will be in charge of facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers in the housing market. Real estate broker requirements include a valid real estate sales agent license and a broker license.
  • A property manager: You will need to attain specific property management certification and may need to work under someone with a real estate broker’s license.
  • A real estate lawyer: You will need experience in real estate law. You will be in charge of overseeing real-estate transactions for your client.
  • A real estate agent: You will be in charge of bringing property owners and buyers together. You will need a license too.

Wrapping up

The real estate field is of the economy’s ever-changing sectors and also the best to work in. If you fancy flexibility and being your own boss, you can embark on a career facilitating transactions or overseeing real estate dealings on behalf of your clients. The real estate agent salary is awesome if you build a good business. Just get those qualifications and your real estate broker license and carve your corner in the industry.