Real estate is arguably one of the most enjoyable professions. Not only do you earn a living, but you also help people get their ideal living space.

However pleasing as the real estate sector is, it is not for everyone. You may have heard people complaining of the difficult process required in most states to become a real estate agent.

Is it really that difficult to become a real estate agent? The answer to this question is both yes and no. True, succeeding as a real estate agent in Utah requires discipline, dedication, ethics, and drive. These aspects make it hard for most people to pass the state examination, thereby failing to secure their practicing licenses.

Fortunately, with the right preparation, proper groundwork, and online real estate school in Utah,  you too can become a top real estate agent.

Requirements to Become a Real Estate Agent

Every state has its own set of requirements and rules needed to become a real estate agent. If you are considering joining this noble profession, you need to understand the legal requirements clearly.

For example, to get a real estate practicing license in Utah, you will need to meet the following qualifications;

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You’ll need to have at least graduated from high school.
  • You must complete a minimum of 120 hours in an approved real estate institution.
  • You must also complete and pass the 4-hour state exam.

Passing the exam is one of the most challenging hurdles in this process. There are a total of 150 questions. These questions test both your national and state knowledge of real estate topics.

As such, if you’re looking to pass the exam, you need the preeminent online real estate school in Utah, The Institute of Real Estate Education. You’ll gain both abstract and practical knowledge in critical topics such as;

  • The different types of ownership
  • The characteristics of real property
  • Disclosure
  • Settlement and financing
  • Decisive property value setting
  • The practice of real estate

This online real estate school also delves into themes specific to the state in different areas such as licensing, property management, office procedures, and licensee practicing.

Is a career in real estate worth it?

Before finding a great online real estate school in Utah, you may be curious whether the profession is as lucrative as most people make it out to be. Everyone has an idea of what a rewarding career looks like.

Most professionals look at the financial angle, and a career in real estate in Utah can attract anywhere from $75,000 to $90,000 annually. However, it is worthwhile to mention the amount of money you make will be tied to your efforts and successful close rate.

Other common benefits associated with real estate agents in Utah include;

  • Ability to work remotely
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Parental leave
  • Professional development aid

Tips and tricks to help you pass the state real estate exam

To become a licensed real estate practitioner, you’ll first need to study. Depending on your time, availability, and resources, an online real estate school in Utah is your best choice. Through online school, you can study remotely, whether you’re at home or working.

Additionally, an online real estate school in Utah will help you study with much flexibility and ease. This way, when you’re done studying, you can confidently and competently take and pass the state exam.

Other tips to help become a prolific real estate agent in Utah include;

Making use of textbook materials.

The truth is, real estate has a unique language. Before you can pass the exam, you’ll need to learn and understand these particular terms. And the textbooks are a helpful resource for gaining an in-depth understanding of these terminologies. Some of the materials you can easily use include the glossary and index and topical questions at the end of each chapter.

Practice makes perfect

There’s no sure way to know what questions you’ll be quizzed on. This is why you need to practice as much as possible. With the proper practice and guidance, you’ll have insight into the various topics and how best to approach each question.

With the right online real estate school in Utah, you can now practice and perfect your real estate examination skills.

Seek guidance from other professionals

Utah is currently one of the fastest-growing states. This means countless people migrate into the state, creating an opportunity for you to excel in the profession. To be a step above the rest, you can get a mentor to help you prepare for the exam and the profession in general. When combined, online studying and a mentor will help you become a top real estate agent in Utah.

Ultimately, passing the real estate exam in Utah is no easy task. Fortunately, with the above mentioned tips and guidelines, you’ll be one of the most sought-after real estate agents statewide.