You just passed your Utah real estate license examination to get your license as a real estate agent and are wondering what you should do now. First, of all, you need to treat this as a business and not a hobby and put the time and effort into it to make a career. Here are some of the steps you can take.

Join an Agency – As a new Utah real estate agent, you need to join an existing real estate agency and work under a Utah real estate brokerage. A good agency can provide customers, can help with paperwork, will link you into the Multiple Listing System and other services. You should interview with several agencies and see where you fit best and where you will get the most help. Remember, you must work as an agent for at least three years in order to take the tests to qualify as a broker so make sure this first step is very positive for you.

Mentor – Passing the Utah real estate license test doesn’t mean that you know everything.  A good step is to find a good mentor. A mentor can teach you what to do and not do. An obvious mentor would be the broker in charge of the agency you decide to join. A mentor has the experience to know what a real estate agent needs to do to build a client base and start making sells. Look for real estate brokers you can provide the direction you need.

Building a relationship with a mentor will speed up the learning process and help to take the right steps in building your business. The mentor might be willing to do it just because he would like to or maybe there is ways that you can help him in return.  Explore that relationship and ensure that you build for the long-term.

Develop a network – A first good step is to start developing a network.  Get business cards and distribute them to friends, family and neighbors.  Go to real estate conventions and seminars and meet people.  Reach out to friends on Facebook and social media and let them know about your new business.

Remember you don’t know everything.  You are going to seminars and conventions to learn more information and techniques but also use it as a time to meet new people.  That network can be used for friendship, a network, contacts and to build your business.

National Association of Realtors – It is a good choose to spend the money join the National Association of Realtors for the resources in provides and the information that it disseminates.  It also makes you more legitimate if you are a member of the national association. You are also expanding your contacts and referral sources by attending NAR events and seminars. A side benefit is that you can now call yourself a Realtor® instead of just a real estate agent.

Website and Social Media – As a new agent, you must establish a budget for getting known.  One of the first things after joining your new agency is to generate your own website.

There are developers online that will do the website design, hosting and upkeep for around $200 to $300.  There are also some that will develop the website for free for a commitment to pay a monthly fee for the hosting and upkeep of the site.

It is good to look for a good developer who can not only develop the website but provides marketing services so that your site is found when people are googling for a real estate agent.  Many buyers have grown up with the internet and are very comfortable looking for agents online as well as prearranging financing.  You need to be able to attract those customers.

Another way to feed potential clients into your site is set up business accounts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even maybe LinkedIn. These sites give you the ability to broadcast information about your new business and your success.  Make sure you also link the social media sites into your business website so that customers have a way to contact you.

Online Sites – There are online sites like that have non-MLS listings and can provide access to other properties for sell.  Search the internet for other sites where you can identify sales opportunities or maybe potential clients.  All agents usually have access to the MLS so some of these internet properties might not have as much competition trying to sell them.


This list is not exhaustive.  Be creative in how you meet people and how you sell yourself.  Potential clients want someone who is excited about what they are doing and aggressively looking to help them sell or buy a home.  This is your opportunity to build a rewarding and successful Utah real estate career.