If you’re a Utah real estate agent or are planning on obtaining your license, you might be wondering how agents and brokerages generate repeat business. What makes the difference between a $30,000 client and a $60,000 one? Well, a $30,000 client is one that you sell to only once; a $60,000 client is one from whom you generate repeat business and multiple referrals.

Attracting and keeping those $60,000 isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible with some professional tips. Below, the Institute of Real Estate Education has collected some useful information for you.

Keep in Touch

One of the best ways you can generate repeat business is by staying in touch with homeowners even after you’ve closed the deal. You can do this by maintaining an up-to-date email campaign or sending out regular updates about your business in the form of newsletters, postcards or other formats. Staying on the radar of past clients means your name will be fresh in their mind when their friends or colleagues are searching for help selling their home.

Be Responsive & Available

Another great way to generate repeat business and referrals is to respond quickly to clients and potential customers. Doing so illustrates that you’re available when a client needs you, which can be attractive to those trying to sell their home. After all, who would want to hire a real estate agent that takes days or weeks to get back to them about placing their home on the market? If you’re having trouble dealing with the volume of calls, hire an outside call service or additional staff.

Interact on Social Media

Maintaining an active presence social media platforms is a great way to drum up referrals and repeat business. Make sure to connect with past clients and others in the area by regularly sharing and posting things on sites like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. You can also take time to personally comment and interact with followers, which does wonders for your reputation.

Successful Utah real estate training with the Institute of Real Estate Education 

One of the best ways to learn how to generate repeat business is by training with industry professionals. The Institute of Real Estate Education has produced some of Utah’s finest real estate agents, so to learn more about our courses call today. You can also visit us online for a closer look at what it takes to become a real estate agent in the state of Utah.

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