The live experience can never be replaced.  Let’s face it, in a similar way, movies are never going to be as meaningful or as impactful as doing something in person.  It’s a different experience.  However, when it comes to learning, especially as adults, online education is better than live for a number of reasons.

First, is the convenience.  Why wait for network TV when you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want through online streaming video.  It’s the same for online classes.  Why be beholden to a classroom schedule? Busy adults all have many responsibilities and priorities vying for our time.  Why rearrange your schedule around a class, when you can rearrange a class around your schedule? With online classes, you can learn anytime, anywhere that is convenient for you.  And you can study for as long or as short a time as you have available.  The purpose of classes is to improve your own knowledge and ability, so remember to put yourself first, and make the class work for you.

Second is unlimited access. Don’t feel like you understood the class the first time?  With live classes you have to wait until the instructor is available for questions, or until the next time the class is scheduled, and you might even have to pay to take it again.  With online classes, you generally have unlimited access to rewatch, review, and repeat any part of the class that you need to.  Begin anytime, and finish at your own pace. It’s hard to argue with unlimited.

And finally, content.  The full package, everything you paid for.  In a live class, discussion can lead off track, or instructors can forget details, but with an online class, the information you want, is what you get.  All important points are covered, and there are often review exercises to test how well you learned the material before you are tested on it.  Where a live class may vary and change every time it’s delivered, with an online class, you know you are getting exactly what you need.

Taking an online class also shows that you can be self driven.  Some brokers prefer agents who completed online classes because they know that the agents got licensed on their own merit, without anyone there to hold their hand. Take charge of your own career, and take advantage of all the benefits offered by online classes.

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