Do you not want to spend 4 years in college before beginning a career? Are you looking for a profitable career that you can begin now? You can start a career as a real estate agent in a matter of weeks. With energy and planning, you can build a highly successful and profitable real estate business working for yourself.

Getting Started

If creating your own real estate business sounds great for you, you can start by finding an online real estate pre-license course by googling schools on the internet. The reason for looking for an online course is that you can qualify for a real estate license much faster using an online school than by going to a school where you must attend classes at their campus.

Once you have found a good online real estate school, you need to know that it will take 120 hours of course work to complete their real estate pre-license course. You need to ask yourself how quickly you want to complete that course work. You can do it very quickly if you are willing to work on it every day.

If you are willing to put in 8 hours a day to complete your online real estate pre-license course, it will take you 15 days to complete the 120-hour course. That is 3 weeks of study if you work on it five days a week.

Do you know any other career where you could receive everything you need to start on a new career in only three weeks? Successful real estate agents often make six figure incomes. They frequently make better incomes than other people who have spent the four to six years getting a college degree.

Getting a License

Once you have completed and passed your real estate pre-license course, you can now submit your application to take the state real estate license examination to get your real estate agent’s license. With what you have learned, you should be ready to pass that test and have your new license to begin your new career.

You might want to make sure you are prepared to pass the state license exam so you can pass it on the first try. Review all the material that you covered in your online course work. If you can, take some sample examinations so you have confidence that you can handle all the questions that might be on the examination.

After passing the examination, you will now have your new real estate agent’s license in hand and are prepared to start your real estate career.

What Next?

What do you do now that you have completed your real estate pre-license course and passed your state real estate license examination? There are several steps that you can now take to start building your real estate practice.

Brokerage Agency – A new real estate agent must work under the tutelage of a real estate broker. You need to start interviewing at real estate firms to find a broker who you think can best mentor you and help you to be as successful as you want to be.

Social Media – You need to let people know that you are now a real estate agent. One way to do that is to start using your social media accounts and share the information with your friends on those accounts. You could also open social media accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn for your new real estate business and share that link with all your social media contacts.

Family, Friends and Neighbors – You have already had business cards printed. Start sharing those cards with all your family, friends and neighbors. Let all the people at your church know you are now a real estate agent. The more people that know you want to help them if they are buying or selling a house, the more opportunity you will have to pick up new customers.

Build a Network – Start building relationships with the other agents in your agency as well as those that you meet. Volunteer to host open houses where you can meet other agents as well as potential customers. Meet mortgage bankers heavily involved in the home mortgage business and people at title companies who can help you to effectively process and close sales. By showing a positive and friendly attitude in your contacts with others, it will build their confidence in you and help you to create the contacts to build your real estate practice.


This is probably a lot to process for an initial introduction to real estate. However, if you are a confident, hard working person, there is no reason you can’t be a very successful real estate agent.  It can be as easy as it sounds. You can start today by going online and finding a good school where you can begin your real estate pre-license course. Start now to build a successful career.