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The world of real estate offers exciting career opportunities where you can have greater control over your work hours, get involved in your community and achieve the financial success you’ve always dreamed of! The best path to becoming a real estate agent is by earning your license through our online real estate school, where our priority is helping you to achieve your goals for an independent, rewarding career.

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There are plenty of benefits to getting your license through online real estate classes.

  • It’s convenient:
    Online real estate classes are considerably more convenient than attending a brick-and-mortar real estate school. You can pick and choose how and when you study, which is ideal for busy people on-the-go, people studying at home, and people who are working while planning their new career.
  • Learn at your own pace: 
    With no set class times or schedules, you’re able to take your time going through the real estate course material and set your own learning pace. This means you aren’t rushed and can really get to know the material in depth.
  • Get course materials easily: 
    Course material is compatible across different technologies, so you can access it easily whether you use an iPhone, tablet, PC, Android phone or other device.
  • It’s quality: 
    Online real estate courses from our real estate institute are all original content, created by industry-leading instructors and are well-known for exceptional quality. Our experienced instructors design each class personally for easy comprehension, and your progress is tracked throughout. Instructors are also available in person, by phone or email to answer your questions and help you succeed in this exciting industry.


When you choose to get your real estate license online, it’s easy to become a Realtor! Our online real estate school will help you each step of the way – here’s a quick guide to the process:

  • Step One – Complete the Prelicense Course:
    This is a 120 hour Sales Agent Prelicense Course, and is the top-rated real estate course in Utah.
  • Step Two – Pass the Utah State Real Estate License Exam:
    The content for this exam will be covered in-depth in our online real estate classes, including Utah state property and property sales laws and regulations, real estate best practices and more.
  • Step Three – Apply for your Real Estate License:
    Once you pass the exam, you can apply for your real estate license which will allow you to start your new career.
  • Step Four – Get a Great Start with an Experienced Broker:
    Our real estate institute also partners with brokers across the state who offer great training programs for new real estate agents, so you can find the perfect fit for your new career.

In just four easy steps, you can transform your life and start on an exciting new journey!


Want to get your real estate license online and become a real estate agent in Utah? It’s simple! Just contact us today and enroll in our online real estate classes, and we’ll help you achieve your new career.


Our real estate school offers high-quality online real estate courses for people looking to start a new career as well as online real estate continuing education courses to help established real estate agents stay current on law changes and industry updates.

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View our Sales agent Pre-license online course information