Have you been asking yourself lately, “how much do real estate brokers make in Utah?” You might be surprised to learn that it can be upwards of $80K a year. Brokers make around twice as much money annually as agents. But what separates the average agent from the successful broker?

The Institute of Real Estate Education has aided many agents and brokers on their way to leading successful careers in the real estate industry. Below, they’ve provided some insightful tips into what separates the best $80K brokers from the rest. 

  1. Strong Business Acumen

 A strong sense of business is one of the biggest traits of a successful broker. Often understanding the needs and expenses of a brokerage is going to help it grow into a leading firm. Managing the day-to-day operations in addition to crunching the numbers is often what sets top firms apart from the average ones.

  1. Outstanding Leadership

Leading by example is essential in the housing marketplace because it’s a very hands-on business. As a broker, you’ll need to be able to stay open to the issues and needs of your agents, adapting to make their lives (and essentially yours) easier. Training from a real estate broker license course is also recommended.

  1. All the Bells & Whistles

For a first-rate brokerage, owning all the bells and whistles to track data and understand the housing market is key. Investing in the leading technology can offer invaluable solutions for your agents. The right software can provide everything from transaction management services to certified-management accounting programs for agents.

  1. Keeping up with Innovative Trends

Sometimes the housing market can be volatile, which is why it’s so important to remain well-informed when it comes to industry trends and best practices. Having a keen eye will help you identify economic changes and market adjustments, and adapting to them will ensure success. Being at the forefront of industry changes is one of the best ways to remain ahead of the competition.

  1. Be Ready to Grow

One of the most influential characteristics of a successful broker is growing when necessary. To form a leading brokerage, don’t ever let growth be far from your mind. Whether identifying underserved areas or implementing new strategies to increase clientele, being growth-minded leads to future successes.

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